In February 2018 me, Sabine, Linda and Simon fly to Georgia to explore this extraordinary, beautiful country. Our homebase is Mestia, where we are hosted by Nick Phaliani, now local mountain guide and his family. We get to ski in Mestia and Tednuldi and go ski touring in the backyard of Ushguli. We had a blast, it’s been amazing!

While God was dividing land amongst people, we were feasting and drinking. When we asked God for our land, he uttered, that nothing was remained. We responded that we were busy toasting for him.
I have one special piece for myself – God pronounced. And God gave us Georgia.

Die Freeriderinnen Linda Rausch, Sabine Schipflinger und Melissa Presslaber machen sich mit Fotograf Simon Rainer auf den Weg nach Georgien. Sie wollen in dieser ihnen unbekannten Bergwelt nicht nur neue Lines und Gipfel entdecken, sondern vor allem auch die herzlichen Bewohner Svanetiens kennen lernen. Der charmante Film mit ausgefallener Kameraführung und Schnitt ist eine Hommage an die Bergwelt Georgiens und seine freundlichen Menschen. Und macht Lust, selbst hinzufahren.

Produktion: Simon Rainer (
Jahr: 2018
Sprache: georgisch mit engl. Untertitel
Athleten: Linda Rauch, Sabine Schipflinger, Melissa Presslaber, Nick Phaliani
Länge: 6:40 Min.
Drehort: Svaneti (Georgien)
Sportart: Ski


In February 2017 me and my friends Teresa, Verena and Anna fly to Japan to explore the magic winterwonderland there. We end up staying in Otari at where we experience the real japanese hospitality, eat awesome food and where the ski lifts are not far away. It’s been an awesome journey, we were lucky with the conditions and came back with loads of memories where we also created a short film…






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