…first snow in Horten:-)

…wow, I can’t believe it, snow!!!! Yeahhh, even where I live – at the coast!!!! wow!!! sooooo cool!!!! Now I can’t wait for winter anymore!!! Antonia is arriving Wednesday. I’ll pick her up from the airport and from there we’ll be leaving directly to the mountains to go skiing – looking soooo forward to see her and show her around!!!!

…oh man, today I spent an hour at the police station in Horten. All I wanted was a confirmation that my driving licence was stolen (a couple of weeks ago in Göteborg…) The police officer was very friendly, wow haven’t seen sooooo many good-looking, handsome policemen at one place…;-) hehe… So they actually called the Austrian embassy and I could speak with a nice, helpful austrian lady and explained her what happened. Well, we both thought, it would be easier to just get the confirmation, the rest I would have to do by myself… Man, that sucks! Well, doesn’t help… Extra costs – don’t like that! 😦

Tomorrow, my Norwegian exam… Wish me luck for that – I haven’t studied that much but it should be fine… At least for an E… 😉 …as long as I don’t get an F – everything is fine;-)

Ha det bra… 😉