…oh man, since I’m back in Tirol, Life has changed;-) Sooooo many things to do;-) Far away from chilling in Norway…;-)

Right now I’m organizing a trip with our girls-crew to Defreggn, to film a part of our Girls-Freeskimovie!!! Oh, it’s gonna be sooooo awesome!!!! You can follow us on Facebook and soon on www.downdays.eu

I will be skiing with friends and family tomorrow, out there, enjoying nature! We’ve got lots of snow, so there should be some powder to find;-)…

I wish all of you MERRY XMAS and some great days with your friends and families!!!!

All the best, Mel:-)

Pia, Mel, Laura, Sandy, Giulia, Lori... we gonna go big!!!! 🙂