Hei, hei to everybody!!!

Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve… I wish all of you HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!

I got a call from Sandy yesterday… It’s on… We are leaving 2day to go to Verbier and Zinal in Switzerland, starting filming and shooting with the girls… 🙂 Wohooooo, sooooo excited!!!

Drove to Ibk in the morning, the traffic was horrible… Oh man, soooo many tourists on the way, max. speed till Kitzbühel – 40 km/h… Because of 1cm snow on the road… 😉 Silly me, in KB I realized that I forgot sth… Sth really important;-)… My skiboots…hehe… soooo stupid… I called home but we considered that it’s easier to go to Ibk and not back as the traffic was just sooo bad… Good that I have another pair in Ibk;-)…

A new adventure is on… Wow!!!! Filming for a Freeskimovie with just girls – one of my dreams – now it’s not a dream anymore!!! It’s becoming true!!! Wish us luck that we have good weather and good conditions!!!

I don’t know if I will have Internet access there… but I will try to keep u updated how everything is going…

All the best for now, enjoy the day!!!!