Friday, 8th – 11th January 2010

…back home in Osttirol, actually we wanted to film in Defraggn as the weather forecast said heavy snowfalls for South and Osttirol – well, the weatherfrogs were wrong 😦 No heavy snowfalls 😦 …in 3 days we got 10! cm’s of fresh pow;-) Not enough to film…. The conditions are really good in Osttirol but it needs a little more snow, so please Mrs Holle, send down some snow!!!! ASAP :-)!!!!


I already organized everything with the help of the tourism office, lift tickets, accomodation, talked to Günther and Lupo, the locals who know their ways around but then I had to cancel – not that much pow as predicted 😦

That gave me the opportunity to have a rest day and ski with friends which is always awesome!!! On Sunday we explored our homeregion Matrei, found some good pow, skied in the trees, got stuck there and had soooo much fun 🙂

...stuck in the woods;-)
...hiking up again;-)
...home sweet home...:-)

Monday – checking out St. Jakob for good treeskiing… just waiting for the next dump :-)…