…Secret Spot ;-)

…at the moment – life is just great!!! I’m in the happy position that I can consider when and where I want to go skiing, always on the road with awesome skiers who share the same passion as I do 🙂

Today we went to a awesome place in Tirol, won’t tell you where because it’s top secret;-) Met Pia and her skibuddies in the morning, took the cable car, hiked 45 min and had a great bowl to ski with still lots of powder there! Unbelieveable – if you are searching for powder you can still find it!!!

hiking the mountains 😉
Pia, Walle, Manky 🙂
Pia, Mel, Darie...
...breathtaking mountains 🙂

Had a wonderful day with the guys, thxxx a lot for the day!!! Looking forward to the next snow session:-) Playing around, surfing powder, jumping cliffs:-) AWESOME!!! THXXXX!!!!