Awesome days in the mountains:-)

…Thursday & Friday were training, chilling and organizing days – not on snow for those days… I feel that I’m not twenty any more;-) after some tough off-piste skiing days with jumping, bumps, etc., my knee sometimes needs a day off and therefore I sit on the bike or go climbing for a change… 

…went climbing on thursday with Toni, had a lot of fun – oh man, first climbing session since September, my feet were feeling good but I could definetely feel my arms;-) Good workout:-) and always a lot of fun to do sports with friends:-)

It was soooooo cool because the best climbers had training in the Tivoli climbing hall and it’s really impressive to watch Kili, Anna, Angie, Johanna and Co climbing!!! AWESOME!!!! Those guys rock!!!

Friday afternoon I met Dani for a short skitour… She had school until 1.30 p.m., I was supposed to pick her up at 3 p.m. but I got a call from Kerstin to pick up Oli’s favourite toy: his I-phone;-)… So it was 3.30 p.m. till I got to Dani, we went up to the Hungerburg-cable-car, unloaded, I put on my skiboots, it was right before 4 p.m. and then suddenly Dani said… Well, we can get up on the mountain but there is not enough snow to ski down;-) Instead of asking if the cable-car would run longer on this day we decided to drive to Oberperfuss and hike up there… Until we reached the snow it was 5 p.m.;-) Sooooo funny;-) 1h hike up the mountain, skied down, had to go to Völs to meet Romy… Drove to St. Anton for the Warren Miller Premiere “Dynasty”… Met my skibuddy/teammate Lori and a lot of other cool people… So cooool to be back in St. Anton!!! Love it there:-) The people, the flair, the mountains – EVERYTHING:-)

After the skifilm which was really cool (loved the part with Alexis Roland, 9 year old snowboard-pro sponsored by Burton…) we drove back to Ibk… Actually it was planned to go to Osttirol for the weekend but Arlberg was greeting, so I was looking forward to ski on the Arlberg with my skibuddies Lori, Björn and Katl:-)

What a beautiful day!!!! 🙂 Got up in the morning on Saturday, while driving to the Arlberg from Ibk, I just thought – it’s sooooo great to be alive and being able to enjoy the mountains… Blue sky, skiing, being out with friends – what do u want more?

wowoooooowwwww 🙂 AWESOMMMEEEE 🙂
Katl and Lori, great skigirls 🙂

It was a great day out on the playground Arlberg, sooo much fun with the girls, Björn left us after the second run because he had new ski boots that didn’t fit him perfectly, so he had to fix that… Lori know’s the terrain very, very well, so we found still some good pow-turns, challenging runs, coloirs, jumps, everthing 🙂 Was a awesome day!!!!

Today, Sunday skiing with my snowboard buddy and friend Dani, who is now becomig a skipro;-) and another friend of her – Anja… We went to Serfaus… I was amazed of that great terrain, the awesome infrastructure for the people skiing there… Wow, just amazing!!! The lifts, just everything – perfect!!! The ideal ski-area for everyone – perfect for kids… They just need more snow…

We had a fun day, enjoying skiing, some pow-turns, photo-session, chilling and jumping some kickers in the park:-)

...jumping off the Schupfe;-)
Dani jumping off this little hut about 10times - I wasn't able to handle the camera... good one:-) AND she actually is a great snowboarder...
...Dani's "Zipfelmütze" is awesome!!!! out for the new Ski-pro!!! 🙂 Dani rocks!!!

More pix to come as soon as Dani forwards them to me….