Long time, no info;-)

Powder alert on Sunday – after checking various regions where the snow should be best, we decided to go to beautiful Zillertal 🙂 The weather seemed to get awesome, so we (Toni, Dani and me) were looking forward to have a great powder day!!!!

Well, instead of sunshine, we were confrontaded with fog on the mountain – perfect powder conditions BUT no visibility… We tried to get to another lift but instead we landed at the same one again;-)

Toni & Dani... where r we ??? 😉

So no visibility on top of the mountain – we skied further down and where lucky… Awesome pow-conditions and it started to clear up :-)…


Enjoyed skiing in the powder, had a lot of fun… I was a bit over-motivated, jumped off a baby cliff, had a hard landing, fell, made a summer-salt and hit my shins soooo bad that it was soooo painful to continue skiing… I tried but couldn’t 😦 Pain is NOT my friend…

The girls were awesome and suggested to go to the restaurant, have a break and have a Kit-Kat;-)… As the visibility wasn’t still that great, it was a good decision… After the break, we walked out the restaurant and had nearly blue-bird conditions… Beautiful!!!!

Kaltenbach region...

Oh before I forget… Before we skied down to the resti we stopped at the slope and a nice, german lady skied by… Toni looked at her, we were all starring at her and she stopped… Toni told her that she had the same overall when she was a kid:-) Pink coloured one… Looked really cool on her;-) She was sooooo funny… Her helmet and her red cheeks, her Heckeinsteiger and the overall – AWESOME 🙂 She made us smile and was happy to talk to us… (Should have taken a pic from her…)

I skied slowly down the mountain, had to because skiing was to painful, giving pressure on the shins – not possible… So I waited for the girls down the valley… A good day but soooo stupid that I jumped down there… Well, “oft geht’s bled;-)…”

Monday was such a beautiful day, skiing today would have been awesome but knowing that I’m not able to, made it easier to drive to Munich and go to Ispo….

The avalanche danger at the moment is very high and skiing in the back-country needs a lot of experience… Even then nobody can guarantee that nothing will happen. Mike Wigele once said: “An avalanche doesn’t know that your an expert…”

Be careful out there and watch for you and your buddies!!!!

The latest case at the Innsbrucker Nordkette where a 24year old French skier died has shown how fast it can happen and how massive an avalanche can be! That’s horrific!

Think snow but take care!

Also the last couple of days I had time to think about what awesome life I’m living and yes sometimes I just have to think about it and appreciate it much, much more!!!! Skiing is such a big part of my life, for some days the spirit was gone but it’s back again and I’m soooo looking forward for the next ski sessions 🙂

Hopefully my shins will heal soon and I will be able to ski ASAP!!!!!