…fun day on the mountain today 🙂 Went skiing with Toni… Well, it’s already spring – sooooooo warm, that’s NOT NORMAL!!!! We want powder and NO warm temperatures!!!! It’s February and the temperatures rose up to 10 degrees… Unbelievable!!!!

Cruised around and had a good time 🙂 Snow? All gone;-) No, just joking but the snow conditions are like in April… Take a look…

Innsbruck - Inntal, just can't believe how less snow there is 😦
🙂 love my Ziener gloves... 🙂
Toni jumping over the barrier;-)
...hopping over;-)
...I'm still standing 😉

okay, up here it looks a bit more like WINTER 🙂

sooooo schian 🙂

Have a good one 🙂 Good night… 😉