…what should I say – Life is good :-)

…I’m in the happy situation that my life is awesome and I may share it with great people! Of course it’s not always like that, as life is a rollercoaster but having a bit distance from winter now, I realize how lucky I am!!!! Not only in terms of skiing of course! But I’m a skifreak – YES I AM ;-)…

Wow, went to the photo-copy shop and got printed out some of my ski pix from this winter – wow – AWESOME!!! Looking really good and quite a cool feeling to see myself hanging on the wall 😉 Big smiling Mel:-) (That was sometimes hard work, therefor it’s really cool…)

And what would life be without friends – at the moment everthing is really perfect – THANXXXX to my friends!!!!

I’m still working with my physiotherapist Klaus on getting stronger and I’m really happy that my koordination is really well 🙂 Finally I’m able to stand up on the  gymball, do some “Kniebeugen” (to lazy to look up that word right now;-)…) up there, jump back down on the floor again…

Looking back, what should I say – it has been an awesome winter and I’m already really looking forward to the next 🙂 I’ve met impressive personalities, such as Giulia Monego who is so down to earth – such a cool woman! Sandy was awesome throughout the whole winter, organizing and keeping us up for our movie! Kenny put it together like that: “Such different characters, 6 girls all from different walks of life, all with 1 common passion”… How true!

Yeah, the past months have been all around skiing – that’s part of my life and hopefully it’s gonna stay like that for the rest of my life 🙂 I’m lovin’ it!

It’s weekend again – a long weekend… That’s the cool thing about being a student – a looooot of holidays 🙂

We are leaving for South Tyrol for the next couple of days for a climbing weekend… Looking forward to that!

Wish u a joyful and happy weekend!!!!

Take care, Mel:-)