First downhill session :-)

….ahhhhhh, feel like a child, smiling and smiling and smiling 🙂

I got my new FULLY 🙂 yeaaaahhhhh 🙂

my new bike 🙂

 Oh man, soooo happy 🙂

Went with Alex on a bike tour yesterday to inaugurate my new bike. Biked up the “Rumer Alm”, had a drink up there before we extended our suspension fork’s for the fun part of biking – biking down ;-)… Cool trails through the forrest, challenging but a lot of fun 🙂 For some parts of the trail I had to get down as it was quite slippery, hard turnings, steepness… but most of the trails I managed… We had soooo much fun 🙂 Thxxxx Alex ;-)…