As We Are Premiere Salzburg

…busy, busy, busy 😉

hahhahhahha 😉

Friday 5th November 2010 Premiere of our Girls Ski Movie “AS WE ARE” in Salzburg…

We didn’t expect that many people to come but surprisingly over 200 people came to see the two films of this evening “UP AND DOWN” meets “AS WE ARE”…

Crowed Salzburger Nachrichten room, happy people, good atmosphere… Thank you Salzburg!!!

Some impressions from the movie night…

The Fischer Watea's.... 🙂
Sandra Lahnsteiner, freeskier and producer of "AS WE ARE", Matthias Mayr, rider in "UP AND DOWN"
wow, sooooo many people came to see the two films.... Thanks to everyone for coming!!!!!

more pix to come soon ;-)….