Lucky girl 🙂

Yesterday Fieberbrunn, today Arlberg skiing… Life couldn’t be better 🙂

Such a great powder day yesterday with my friends and skibuddies Pia and Mankei… Local snowboard pro Ursl W. accompanied us and took us to the secret spots… Face shots and great pow – skiheart, what do you want more???

Today Arlberg… Unfortunately up on top of the mountains the wind has blown very strong, so quite difficult conditions to ski… Further down in the woods, still great powder to find 🙂 Arlberg is always fun and great for skiing!!!

It was sooooo cold and we had sooooo much fun, but noooooo time for pictures 😉

Toooooo cooooold and toooooo much powder to ski 🙂

Enjoy being out there and take care of you!!!!!