Skiing, skiing, skiing…

Finally Winter is back! The last days have been just pure pleasure on skis 🙂

Powder alert but still knowing that the base isn’t that good as it could be… Therefor you can’t do highspeedlines and have to take it easier as it would be at this time of the year… Actually unbelievable when we drove back from the Chillervalley today, below 1500 m there is hardly any snow and it’s JANUARY! Middle of winter… The temperature remind you that it’s winter but the landscape looks really poor… The slope down to the valley is just a white stripe, left and right to it, it’s green!

Friday has been an easy going day with my friend Dani with some playing and being stuck in the so-called “Latschen”, little trees high above Innsbruck. The snow was surprisingly good, as I said the base layer is just not good anymore… The warm temperatures from the last week were NOT good 😦

Saturday… Filming and trying to get in some footage with my Fischer White Crest Teammates, Basti & Basti… Was fun, soooo cold on the mountain though! Minus 19°!!!! brrrrr!!!! I love winter but it doesn’t have to be that cold! 😉

Sunday… Hiking and riding some lines in Hochfügen… Great powder, great company, helmet footage from that day will be online in a couple of days!