Winter mode…

Beginning of December 2012… Where is the snow? Warm temperatures, a constant “High” above Austria, no snow on sight… Beautiful weather instead… No reason to complain! Okay, skiing at the glacier in icy conditions isn’t that much fun but biking or just being outdoors in nature is great too!!!! And we can’t change the weather anyway, so we have to accept it the way it is…

I had an awesome autumn, biked until the beginning of December with supermotivated, great people and had a very good preparation to get started for winter. My knee feels quite good in the snow, hardly any pain while skiing off-piste. Thanks to Phil from http://www.physiofit who is a great motivation to train with!!!! I’m training once a week with him, the rest of the week I’m training at the gym, at the University sports academy and at Physiotherapy Huber.

Seefeld 18th of November 2011. Have a look at the white stripe - is it necessary to make artificial snow that early??? Why can't we accept nature the way it is?
Clemens spotting Andrea in one of the "Spitzkehren"... She and he are great bikers!!! It's awesome to be on the mountain with them!!!!

View to Innsbruck - what a beautiful view! Aren't we lucky to live in that beautiful surrounding??? Don't forget that!!!
Biking with Freestyle queen Caja Schöpf 🙂
Skiing with friends in November... Liz, Carmen, Birgit & Mel on the photo (Mankei, Stefan and Tom) Great day, lots of fun!
 Now it’s time to say goodbye summer, hello winter!!!! Looking forward to enjoy the winter outdoors, hopefully with no injuries 🙂 Finally it snowed last week, at the Arlberg over 1 m fresh, still more to come here in Tyrol 🙂

7th and 8th of December Harry Putz, Manfred Pascher, Flo Orley and Friends organized the first Freeridefestival Innsbruck. It was a great get together of the local Freeride scene. Two awesome evenings with impressive freeride videos. My absolute Favourite:

Starring McFly, Björn Heregger, Max Zipser… Great riding by the guys, great filming by Hanno Mackowitz!!!!! A MUST SEE!!!!

On both evenings money was raised for a good purpose. At the first evening the benefits go to a social project in Eastern Africa, at the second evening money was raised for the Streetworkers in Innsbruck!

The Snowgirls Crew, Harry Putz, Bezi Freinademetz, Martin Freinademetz, Matthias Hauni Haunholder, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Mathias Bergmann, Mel...

Next day was a chilly skiing day with just girls… Girls who love to ride and who are strong skiers!!!! A lot of fun on the mountain!!!!

from left to right: Mel, Pia Widmesser, Lisa Horst, Lorraine Huber, Sandra Lahnsteiner words, just awesome to be out with good friends :-)....

Yesterday we’ve been in Zürs for a photoshooting and we had really good conditions… Still found some powder!!! Arlberg is usually very crowded but not at that time of the year as there is still pre-season and winter has just started…

Arlberg... Always great to be there!!!!


Roman Kuss... Young, talented and supernice rider!!!!!