The Rosskogel was on my to-do list for quite a while now… But not the standard “Kogelrinne” that is visible from the Inntal valley. No, it’s the northwestern colouir down to the Inzinger Alm. Not many people have skied it, it’s 45 degrees steep at the entrance and gets to a steepness of constant 40 degrees… Last year it didn’t happen, so yesterday we had the perfect, stable conditions to climb and ski the northwest colouir of the Rosskogel.

the Northwest face of the Rosskogel...
the Northwest face of the Rosskogel…

There are quite a few possibilities to climb and ski the peak. One possibility is to skin all the way up along the east side or the more adventurous line is to climb the northern ridge. Therefore it is recommended to be an experienced mountain person otherwise you shouldn’t go that way! There are some really challenging bits where climbing/mountain skills are a must! We had our crampons in the backpack, were able to climb everything without them…

Rosskogel Northface with the "Kogelrinne"
Rosskogel Northface with the “Kogelrinne”

On tour with one of my best ski&bike buddy Andi 🙂

Oberperfuss… Such a nice, little ski area very close to Innsbruck… I hope that it will survive for many, many more years! In the morning we were warmly welcomed by some local ski pensionists who were quite wondering what we were doing with our freeride skis…

To get to the top of the Rangger Köpfl you have easy lift access that brings you all the way on top of 1939 m… From there we had to put on our skins. It didn’t take very long, three local touring people overtook us and took on setting the tracks. Thanks for that 🙂 Also at the same time two icelandic snowboarders started the hike up… We were quite surprised that they were taking the same way up. Unbelievably the climbed the whole northern ridge with their snowshoes! Crazy guys 😉
It was really cold on that day…
After about two hours climbing the ridge we finally arrived the peak of Rosskogel at 2646 m. What a beautiful view up there!

stunning view!
stunning view!

But we couldn’t stay up there very long, wind, freezing hands and ice-cold feet wanted to get into the warmth again 🙂
The two Icelandic snowboarders didn’t climb all the way up to the summit. The rode the lookers right line into the main colouir, the Kogelrinne.
Found their video online on youtube:

The entrance of the colouir was quite sketchy, not much snow, only way to get down there was side slipping… But then the conditions turned out to be awesome, with no other tracks, just ours in the colouir!
We could ski all the way down to Inzing! 2000 altitude meters downhill!

What a cool day!

Thanks Andi and especially THANKS to Petra and Leoni for the taxi ride 🙂 You made our day! Thanks a lot!!!!!

Here some impressions of the day:

And here the video edit: