New partnership with BERGANS

I’m superhappy and proud to get supported by BERGANS OF NORWAY from now on :-)!!!

As I’ve spent already some time in Norway and am totally passionate about this beautiful country, nature and people, I’m looking forward to a great partnership with THE Norwegian Outdoor Company!!!!

“The Norwegian environment is unique with its 2000 m high mountains that plunge down into the fjords, ice cold tundras, beautiful forests, stunning plains and numerous leisure activities. We in Bergans are motivated by a passion to enable us all to be outside enjoying the wonderful nature we are surrounded by. Bergans therefore work persistently to be able to provide the very best equipment for your outdoor experience.”

“Bergans has more than 100 years of experience with trips and expeditions. Practical testing in extreme arctic regions has always been an important part of developing our products further. Polar explorers such as Roald Amundsen, Lincoln Ellsworth and Robert Scott were among the first to use Bergans rucksacks on their expeditions. In modern times, Team Bergans members such as Cecilie Skog (Seven Summits and The Three Poles) and Rune Gjeldnes (Arctic Ocean, The Longest March) have continued this tradition. They have used Bergans clothing, tents and rucksacks on their expeditions.”


Here’s my new outfit that I already love 🙂