Line of the year Awards

Kitzbühel, January 2015

It’s been the first year that the Line of the year Awards were held in Kitzbühel, Austria.  The two Austrian Freeride Pro’s Matthias  Haunholder and Matthias Mayer brought the Idea to Austria and organized the Event.

The aim was to honor the best female and male film lines throughout the past two seasons. I was happy that I also have been selected for my Solo Fletschhorn Mission and made it to the top 5 women.

Here is an impression of how the whole North Face looked like in May – unfortunately you don’t see it in the short trailer. People told me that they missed this…  Makes a difference to climb and ski a 600 altitude meter long, up to 55 degree steep North Face on not the best snow conditions and not on powder 😉

Fletschhorn Nordwand
Fletschhorn Nordwand


If you are interested in reading the Story behind the Mission here is my blog entry:

The public voting counted 50%, for the other 50% a highly selected expert Jury was in charge. It was an exciting evening with a great come together of lots of Freeride Pro’s and friends.

My friends Sandra Lahnsteiner and Pia Widmesser took the first and second place, Aline Bock got third, Janina Kuzma fourth and Mel fifth or last place 😉 hahahaa… Congratzzzzz Girls!!!! Happy for you!!!!

In the mens category Fabi Lentsch won, before Tobi Tritscher and Max Zipser – awesome guys!!!!

Congratzzzz everybody and thanks everybody for voting 🙂