Bergans Photo Shooting week

Where to go, to get the perfect photos for climbing and skiing on just one day?

Well, tooo many options around Tirol but I had to decide because I was the local. Hans Kristian Krogh Hanssen, photographer of my clothing Sponsor BERGANS of Norway put the responsibility on me.
So after driving to Kühtai and Seefeld (the conditions didn’t look inviting there) we ended up at the Pitztaler glacier, hiking up to Wildspitze. It was the perfect decision, as the weather was great and we were all by ourselves.
Up to 3400 meters also the temperature was okay, cold but alright to handle but it all changed with the heavy winds up on top. Suddenly we had to deal with -20 degrees and still had to get some photos in. For me it was marginal, climbed up just a few meters below the Wildspitze but nearly were blown off by the wind. So we decided to turn around…
Hans saw another good spot while skiing down, so I hiked up for this money shot. It was definetely worth it but I was freezing my backside off and had to crawl up on my hands and feet, otherwise the wind would have blown me away;)

Picture taken from Hans' camera...
Picture taken from Hans’ camera…

It started to dawn and I knew we had to be down from the glacier until it got dark. We made it up to Pitztaler Jöchl. From there I had to guide Hans and me all the way down to the valley. As I knew the way, all was good but still it was a Mission. Guiding in the dark, with just my mini headlamp, well quite a challenge 😉 But we managed it to get down safely and went back to Fiss…


Next day – Location change. Three more days at the Zauchensee Resort. We were lucky as it was heavily dumping while we were moving to Altenmarkt. So two more perfect powder days with some great photos for Bergans.

Photographer: Hans Kristian Krogh Hanssen
Photographer: Hans Kristian Krogh Hanssen


And: we got to ski with former ski Champion Michael Walchhofer! He was chasing us through the forrest of his home Resort. My legs were burning but we had a great time with him! Thanks for the photo 🙂


We got some money shots and Bergans is happy with the Output 🙂

Great week on tour with photographer Hans Kristian Krogh Hansen! Takk for turen!