Shades of Winter Camp Gastein

Girl Power in Gastein… Es ist immer wieder eine Freude zu sehen, wenn völlig fremde Menschen mit selbiger Leidenschaft aufeinander treffen und wie sich innerhalb weniger Tage gemeinsam am Berg echte langfristige Freundschaften entwickeln, sie ihr Können steigern und der Spaßfaktor groß ist…

Hier ein schönes Feedback von unserer griechischen Teilnehmerin Katerina, die wohl am besten beschreibt was so alles passiert…


What’s it like to ski with the pro athletes Melissa & Sandra?

So cool and inspiring! Both eager to teach, very sweet and motivating all girls! I want more!
What will you focus on now that the camp is over, do you have areas for improvement? To improve my endurance abilities.
What is it about freeriding that excites you the most? To ski steep faces with fresh snow.
Talking about avalanche awareness – safety in the backcountry: what did you learn, why was this so important for you, how did it change you? I learned a lot about the necessary equipment and its basic features; I was motivated to learn more and practise; I feel more confident and conscious to respect nature and never ski again in the backcountry without all necessary equipment.
Why did you join the camp? To improve my ski technique, to increase my avalanche awareness – safety knowledge, to ski with other girls with the same passion, to challenge myself, to increase my confidence.
What is the biggest benefit for you personally? Avalanche awareness – safety, hiking for the 1st time in my life, making new friends.
How did you learn about the camp? Via instagram.
Why should others join a Shades of Winter camp? It was a unique experience; very well organised, combining skiing, avalanche  awareness – safety and hiking with two pro athletes who are also excellent coaches. The ‘non-skiing’ aspect of the camp allows all girls to bond, share experiences, laugh and have fun!
Would you join a SoW camp again? Yes, I would.
What can we do better next time, what can we improve? Being the only Greek girl, I would like the the camp to have a more international character. In reference to skiing, I would like to challenge myself more in terms of steepness while in regards to safety, perhaps some info on how to ‘read’ the snow would be helpful.
I really hope you find my feedback helpful!
Hier noch ein paar Impressionen von Fotograf Sam Strauss: