Good news :-)

…off of crutches since Tuesday 🙂 …they are back in the cellar… Didn’t have them that long, so really good 🙂

Good news from the doc… No operation, just working hard again with my physiotherapist on coordination and strength and in a few weeks I’ll be back on snow 🙂 I got punctured that my knee is more flexible again – always feels good after that happened otherwise the joint is really limited in flexing… It’s not the first time, so I know ;-)… It was also in my intention that I won’t get another surgery. It would have been the 6th surgery on just ONE knee!!! In my case it could be that it won’t have any effect of getting better, so starting off without a surgery seems to be the better way… Of course on a long-term-base the cartilage will be used up much faster but… Another reason why,  is that I don’t have any replacement ligaments left in that knee, so also the healthy knee would get involved and as long as it’s healthy I don’t want to have any surgery there…

So the Doc told me that I could start walking without crutches, still painful but it’s getting better from day to day… Started cruising on the bike yesterday, where I still was a little handicapped but today I already improved that much – 20 min. on the stationary bike without pain! wow!!! awesome!!! From day to day it’s getting better and better!!!

Life is good 🙂