…what a cool film night!!! Went with some of my friends to the Extreme Sportsfilmfestival and saw some great sportmovies 🙂

The most inspiring one was definetely: “ALONE ON THE WALL”

“In the realm of free solo climbing – climbing peaks without ropes – Alex Honnold is the best in the world.  Honnold, a bumbling and slightly geeky kid becomes a poised, graceful and calculated climber able to complete the hardest free solos.  With his sights set on Yosemite’s iconic 600-metre Half Dome wall, Alex first travels to Utah to conquer the 370-metre Moonlight Buttress.  It takes all of his mental efforts to focus on the climb, with 300-metres of air – and no rope – beneath him.  Honnold has developed his own mental armour to protect him from thinking too much while climbing, but when he’s standing on a sliver of a ledge 550 metres above Yosemite’s Half Dome wall, his armour runs thin.  To Honnold, doubt is the biggest danger and he experiences a feeling of dread like never before.  Pulling himself together, Alex completes the 600-metre climb – something that can take other climbers days to complete – in under 3 hours cementing his place in free soloing history.”

We all sat in the movie theatre with our mouth wide open ;-)…

Awesome, inspiring, crazy, check it out and have a great weekend!!!