Junior Advanced Camp Fieberbrunn…

What a weekend… Freeride World Tour Fieberbrunn and skiing with young, supermotivated Freeriders at the Junior Advanced Camp by http://www.freeridecamps.at

It was a incredible show, thousands of spectators watching and cheering for the riders of the Freeride World Tour… Congratzzzz Eva & Liz! The woman’s level in skiing increased incredibly over the past years and yesterday was a perfect day for Eva Walkner. She finally showed her great abilities on skis, stomped all the cliffs and won the women’s comp.

Liz Kristoferitsch, a friend of mine won in the Snowboarder starting field. She showed a very good and fluid line and could win in the women’s field…

The men showed an unbelievable show on the Wildseeloder. Spectacular lines with Freestyle-elements… Drew Tabke won, Kevin Guri 2nd, Reine Barkered 3rd. Congratzzzz to all the riders!!!!

Here’s a short video from the Contest day:


At the same weekend we held a Junior Advanced Camp. http://www.freeridecamps.at

Mountain guide Davv Pitschmann and myelf skied with nine supermotivated riders and had great fun with them! It’s always great to see their big smiles on their faces!!!!

Here are some impressions:

the crowd
our group

the kids rockin'

impressive young rider
how to find out how steep a face is...
Davv going big...
Davv explaining the snow profile...