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Eine kurze Zusammenfassung von Olli von unserer Transalp vom Kaisergebirge zu den Dolomiten (27. Februar bis 5. März 2014):

Dear Friends,

many of you have asked already how the 7 day ski trip from Kaisergebirge to the Dolomites went.

Jens Klatt as a photographer and Olli as the motion camera man followed Ingrid Schlott, Melissa Presslaber and Pia Widmesser over the Alps. The idea was to use the Tirol Snowcard as much as possible. And indeed we only bought one uplift to the Gletscherwelt Weisssee – and of course we used our climbing skins – a lot.

It was a huge contrast from the green slopes of the Inn valley to the pillows and spines that grace Osttirol and the Dolomites this winter. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and the avalanche conditions. Shady slopes were safe and whenever we had to cross southern danger zones the sun was hidden behind clouds, or already gone. During two days, were we intended to climb high we had bad weather forcing us to use lower passes instead of peaking out. Across the main chain of the alps we could only find our way with the GPS because visibility was around 10m far – a great experience though!

Our schedule proofed to be incredibly tight, especially if you include film/ photo and our late starts (due to hotel breakfast times and good hopes for quick progress ;-). Most days we were out for 8+ hours (first two days we arrived in the dark). The group pushed all the way, even though flu and/ or hypoglycemia seemed to be a topic for quite a few of us…but we were looking for our limits and definitely found them.

The big question we get asked is if we would do it again. Mhhh… Our route north to south didn’t forecast quality descents. The other way around would offer better snow. However, crossing the alps also means traveling through long and rather flat valleys…

Here is a short (and rough) clip with some of the humor along the way:

Password: TransX

Pia will produce a documentary film, Jens magazine articles about the trip.

Happy days
Ingrid & Olli

Tag 1: Durchholzen (Aschinger Alm 947m) – Eggersgrinn – Pyramidenspitze (1998m) – Hinterbärenbad (845m)
Tag 2: Hinterbärenbad (845m) – Rote Rinnscharte (2166m) – Elmau (789m)
Tag 3: Elmau (789m) – Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser (1782m) – Mittersil – Uttendorf (804m) – Alpinzentrum Rudolfshütte in der Gletscherwelt Weißsee (2315m)
Tag 4: Alpinzentrum Rudolfshütte (2315m) – Medelzlift – Kalser Tauern (2515) – Kals am Großglockner (1324m) – Großglockner Skiresort Cimaross (2621m) – Matrei in Osttirol (975m)
Tag 5: Ströden (1500m) – Bachlenke (2608m) – St .Jakob (1389m)
Tag 6: St. Jakob im Defereggental (1389m) – Almspitzlift Lift (2525m) – Ochsenlenke (2744m) – Außervillgraten (1287m)
Tag 7: Sexten (1311m) – Dreizinnenhütte (2405m) – Sexten (1311m)

am Ziel - die 3 Zinnen - mit Ingrid, Pia, Mel, Olli & Jens
am Ziel – die 3 Zinnen – mit Ingrid, Pia, Mel, Olli & Jens